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The Soap Box 

What I would like my patients to remember about their hospital stay

A Composite of "Why Breastmilk is Not Just Food" posts on Dr.Jen4Kids: Breastfeeding Medicine Facebook Page

The importance of an "exclusive human milk" diet for premature infants

When breastmilk turns to water and a cow makes better milk than you do

Normal newborn behavior and why breastmilk isn't food

Dazed and Confused: Post-partum days 3-5

I'm so tired, why won't my baby stop crying? An approach to crying the in breastfed newborn.

My journey from being part of the problem to being part of the solution- page 22

A physiologic approach low milk supply

The Syndrome of Low Milk Supply and the Wisdom of Yoda

The problem with yeast Too much diagnosis.  Too little data.

The three Bs: birth weight, bilirubin and blood sugar:

Vitamin D:  Why we need it and how we get it

Medication transport into breastmilk and what medications you can take while breastfeeding

Motherwear Breastfeeding blog: Dr Jen on the role of Pediatricians and breastfeeding

Celebrating the Journey to a year of breastfeeding 

Everything you need to know to be a perfect parent 

Crying it Out 

Good bacteria, the role of breastmilk in immune system development and that "one" bottle 

SIDS prevention:  Did we really say to use a pacifier?  

Words of wisdom whether running or breastfeeding

Is Breast Best:  Forget Breast vs. Formula.  It's About Support 

Nipple shields: friend, foe, or another tool to help nursing moms

Thimerisol, Autism and Disease:  the right to refuse immunizations

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